Buy a GreenToGo membership

You can buy a GreenToGo membership today! Buying one now helps us get GreenToGo off the ground that much quicker. Your membership will not be rebilled until 1 year after the program launches.

Your membership includes the GreenToGo mobile app for your phone and GreenToGo check-out/check-in privileges at participating restaurants in Durham!

Membership fees support the cost of buying the GreenToGo boxes, building a drop-off bin for each restaurant, and operating and managing the GreenToGo service in our community. We also want to employ people at a living wage, buy carbon-neutral transportation (like cargo bicycles or solar-powered Elf vehicles with trailers) to carry the reusable containers to/from the wash facility and restaurants. And finally, we’ll need to pay rent for some office space for our team.

Gift Subscription

GreenToGo subscriptions make great gifts. If you'd like to buy one as a gift, enter your recipient's name and email here. We will send the email with your subscription information to you so as not to spoil the surprise.